About Us

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

How we started and where we are today

“Start Your Engines” – this slogan launched our amazing cooperation. Music can create friendships, deepen bonds and help people fall in love. Here three of us reveal how it helped to connect with someone special and create something extraordinary. As we’d gone from being the fans to being the professionals. Follow us here below.

Who we are

Exclusivetickets offers its clients access to the very best in retail ticketing services and box office systems solutions.
We help you streamline ticketing, development and box office operations while enhancing every fan experience. As we’re built to win. After time of exceptional delivery, innovation and thought leadership.

What we have in store for the future

Your needs are unique. Good thing we specialize in the unique.
From concerts to clubs, arts to athletics, only we wield the data, technology and marketing power to connect you with more fans and sell more tickets.

Let’s get acquainted a bit closer


Digital marketing specialist

You name it, I love it. I’m passionate about Digital Marketing. I consider myself a student in all aspects as I never wish to stop learning. I’m obsessed with Digital Marketing and a firm believer of launching each project with why.

As Louis Armstrong convinces music is life itself. What would this world be without good music? No matter what kind it is. Music has always been my passion, and in my spare time I still enjoy going to gigs and experiencing live music as well as playing guitar and dancing badly to Lady Gaga! What all added a fun spin to Digital Marketing!


Digital marketing specialist

I support the ticketing needs of promoters, venues and festivals, providing solutions and enhancing their selling power across. Utilising the years of studying at Department of Marketing Management which is one of the most dynamic and innovative departments, I recognise the requirements, concerns and triumphs in delivering successful events. On the flip side, you’ll find me in a festival box office, singing along to a show or diving head first down the Exclusivetickets slide!


PHP Software Engineer

I’m one of the three musician friends behind this site. Outside of music, I’m an avid sports fan and hardly miss anything from football to F1.

The role of PHP Software Engineer to join the growing team at Exclusivetickets is the key to delivering the company’s vision, ensuring that we continue to build high quality software which meets the needs of our clients.
You might see me hiking up a mountain on the weekends or cheering on my beloved landscapes. I dream of backpacking the rest of the world, one country at a time.

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